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Your Discharge

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Your discharge date is set by your doctor.
Patients are discharged in the morning, before 2 p.m.

If you decide to leave the hospital against medical advice, you must sign a statement releasing the staff doctor and the hospital from any liability in connection with possible consequences. This provision does not apply to patients hospitalized without their consent.

Before leaving the hospital, you or a member of your family must go to the Admissions Office (Bureau des Entrées) in order to:

  • Pick up your discharge document (bulletin de sortie) and the hospitalization certificates (bulletins de situation) required for your employer, Social Security and your complementary insurance.
  • Pay the hospitalization fees (frais de séjour) not covered by your complementary insurance, if you have medical insurance. (If you do not have insurance, you are responsible for all fees).


You should also obtain the following documents from the nurses or mid-wives:

  • The letter for your primary care doctor or your hospital discharge report (compte-rendu d’hospitalisation);
  • Your prescriptions (treatment, nursing care, physical therapy, etc.);
  • A doctor’s note for sick leave (arrêt de travail) if necessary;
  • The baby’s health record booklet (carnet de santé) and prescription if you have just given birth;
  • The results of health check-ups you brought with you when you were admitted.


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